Pain Relief

If you have a toothache, tooth sensitivity to hot and/or cold or you’ve got a broken tooth or filling due to an injury, the $99 Pain Relief appointment is the best way to book your SwiftQ visit. Pain coming from the gums can be assessed and usually treated within this visit.

Walk-Ins, after hours and Saturday appointments are available for when you require urgent dental pain relief.

Pain or discomfort is usually a sign that something needs urgent attention, so the SwiftQ Dental Pain Relief process starts by collecting all the information required to make an accurate diagnosis. Any x-rays and/or diagnostic tests required to assess the cause of the discomfort are included in the $99 Pain Relief appointment.

There are a variety of causes for a toothache or dental pain. Your SwiftQ dental professional will endeavour to find the cause of the problem and then do what’s required to relieve your current discomfort.

Sometimes the best long-term solution is more complex and the preferred option may be to temporise the tooth with a short-term filling as an intermediate measure, to make your tooth comfortable until the issue can be fully resolved.

If the best solution is outside the SwiftQ Dental scope of practice we will recommend a nearby dental professional or specialist who we know and trust.