Dental fillings may be required when a tooth has an area of decay which has become deep enough to extend beyond the tooth enamel into the inner body of the tooth. If left untreated decay can reach the nerve of the tooth, causing a painful toothache.

Fillings can also be used to restore damaged and broken teeth, depending on the extent of the damage.

If you have a broken or damaged tooth you would like to have repaired, book a Filling appointment. Your tooth will be assessed for the best treatment solution and if suitable will be restored back to its normal shape and function at the same appointment.

Fillings that involve one, two or three surfaces of a single tooth without involvement of the tooth nerve are deemed simple restorations and can be completed by a SwiftQ dental professional for $99 per tooth. This fee includes any x-rays and other diagnostic tests that may be required to assess the tooth.

If multiple teeth require fillings they can sometimes be completed in the same appointment and the fee is still $99 per tooth.

Fillings involving four or five surfaces of a single tooth may need a more complex solution such as a ceramic crown or a lab-made filling, which we don’t provide at SwiftQ Dental. If you have a tooth requiring a large (4 or 5 surface) filling we will refer you to a trusted dentist close by.

At SwiftQ Dental we use high quality, widely used filling materials and dental clinical products, all of which are TGA approved and purchased through local distributors. They are supported by clinical research and are among the top restorative and dental treatment products in the market.

Want a check-up and clean at the same time? Book your $99 Filling and $99 Check-up and Clean appointment online or call us on 02 9723 6035 to assist.